About Us

With an innovative mindset, products, and a healthy devotion to strong customer service, Colony enables our clients to walk away from the monotony of traditional construction methodologies and create building designs with more functionality, creativity, and fit-for-purpose layouts. As a result Colony has become an industry leader in the commercial and industrial construction sectors. The Vancouver based company has successfully completed numerous projects not only across Canada, but also worldwide.

The key to this incredible success has been the ability to hear what our customers truly desire and then find and implement an economical solution to provide it. Traditionally, building contractors try to fit the client to a predetermined building design package, pigeon holing them to typical standard offerings. At Colony we work directly with the owner, engineer or architect to identify and ensure that all design requirements and the client’s creative vision are maintained and implemented.

For the past three decades, Colony has researched and developed access to suppliers, products, programs, and knowledge that enable us to meet or exceed our client’s demands for greater flexibility, faster schedules, more cost effective designs, implementation of architectural features and finishes, energy efficiency, and environmentally acceptable materials.

We welcome you to challenge us with your next project. Call us; we’d love to hear from you!


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