Every time you bring a new contractor or subcontractor onto your site, you spend time and money. Educated owners know this, which is why more and more of them are asking us to take on responsibilities for them outside of just their buildings.

Colony’s team of project and construction managers is comprised of people young and… let’s say “more experienced”, each with a wide variety of expertise. We don’t claim to be experts in everything, but if let us know what you need done and we’ll give you an honest answer about whether we’d be a good fit. Here are some of the some of the things we can help with:

Mechanical Installations

Mechanical installations such as conveyors, drives, pulleys, tanks, bins, process equipment, etc.

Interior Fit-out

Interior fit-out projects such as tenant improvements or renovations.

Facelifts and Maintenance

“Facelifts” and maintenance work to existing buildings. Why be the ugly building on the block when we can spruce you up with some low cost, big impact ideas?